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About Our Farm

What makes Cornwell coffee so special is that it is sun-dried and pesticide free. Cornwell Farm is located at 1500 feet elevation in the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt with rich deep soil, sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons, making it ideal for our mature coffee trees. Our trees were first planted in the 1930’s. We pick only the red, ripe cherries and pulp and sun dry our own coffee. Cornwell coffee is freshly roasted. Our House roast is between “Vienna” and “dark”. We also have a “Medium” roast. Something for all to enjoy! Guaranteed fresh roasted when sent.

ripe coffee cherries on the coffee tree1. We take great pride in offering our customers some of the finest tasting coffee in the world. Hawaii grown coffee is the only American coffee offered, grown by American farmers. Cornwell Estate coffee is grown with a lot of heart and Aloha for your enjoyment. Here is how we do it.
Hand-pickign the coffee2. Coffee cherries ripen on the vine until red, are hand picked to insure only red ripe beans are harvested. Season lasts about 5 months.
Fresh coffee cherries3. The end of a hard days work picking coffee.
Wet-Milling the coffee4. The coffee cherries are pulped (wet milling process) that evening separating skins from beans. Beans are fermented in water over night. Fermenting process lasts 12 – 20 hours depending on weather conditions.
Raking5. The next day, the beans are washed and put out on drying floors in the sunlight. The beans are continually turned or “raked”
Drying inthe sun6. The beans are raked in the sun for 3 – 7 days depending on weather.
kona coffee beans - gourmet coffee from Hawaii7. This is called the “parchment stage. The beans are dry with the coffee hull (parchment) on the outside of the bean, and a silver skin under the parchment.
Pouring coffee beans onto a gravity table8. The next stage is the “dry milling” process which removes the parchment from the green bean. Then the beans are graded for size and run over a Gravity Table [air flow system] to pull out defects.
coffee roasting - kona coffee - hawaii9. The next stage is the “roasting” process. We use state of the art roasting machines which are similar to large stainless steel popcorn poppers. The beans are constantly turned while forced hot air roasts the beans completely and uniformly. When the beans are ready, cool air is forced into the beans quickly cooling the roasting beans. This insures our beans are roasted to perfection time after time. Dark, but not too dark.
kona coffee10. Within minutes the coffee is cooled and packaged to prevent oxidation of essential oils. Carbon dioxide is expelled by our special bags which have a one way valve to release gas and prevent oxygen from entering the bag. Our 100% Kona coffee is guaranteed fresh roasted when sent so you can enjoy the rich taste only Kona coffee is known for.
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