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Kona Coffee

To make perfect Kona coffee, Cornwell Estate beans are depulped and soaked for 12-20 hours after picking. This slight fermentation is vital for the rich aroma and taste. Then, they are washed to remove all debris and substandard beans. The beans are then dried on sun decks while being turned again and again for thoroughness. The parchment and silver-skin are removed and they are sorted by size, weight and shape. Kona coffee, except for the rare peaberry bean, is graded on size of the bean, and uniformity. The grades are “extra fancy,” “fancy,” ”#1” and “prime”. The care taken in processing is also telling; the cup is ripe, sweet and flawless, with an especially clean and sweet finish. Overall, this coffee has excellent balance, low-to-medium acidity and a long finish. It is available in your choice of House or Medium roasts.

Unfortunately due to the current world situation and some personal reasons we are unable to fill new orders at this time.
We greatly appreciate all of your business over the past years.

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